Land Rover Treffen von Stefan und Michael
01.10.2017 Yesterday was the day: Stefan ( and me ( could welcome the guests of our common Land Rover Meeting in Liebenburg (Germany).
Since the early morning it was raining non-stop until the midday. If we start to prepare the place for our hangout the rain stops and the sun comes out.
Our guests came with many differnet Land Rover models. There are Serie II and III, Defender, Freelander and Discovery there. And also as a special guest a Willys Jeep from 1952.
Stefan trys to hide some spot he get while grilling ;-)
We are all talking a lot about Land Rover and very much technical details. At the evening we go to Stefan "screw barn" where he normally gives lesson in how you repair your Land Rover.
Some of the guests was sleeping in their Landys and the next morning everybody helps to tidy up the place.
It was again a great hangout with very cool people. So we plan already the nect hangout because we want to meet this people again ;-)
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