27.11.2017 Yesterday 14 brave Land Rover driver bzw. or rather enthusiasts come together for 1. burning barrel meeting in Wolfenbüttel, Germany.

The Land Rover meeting from Stefan from www.e-landy.de in Liebenburg, Germany. 12 Land Rover and 4 "foreigners" met at 30.09.2017 for a comfortable get-together and the exchange of experiences. At the end all visitors said: "we do this again...".

Be curios about our next events ;-)

Still more photos from our Land Rover hangout in Liebenburg Germany.

More photos from Stefans and Michaels Land Rover hangout - Der Land Rover Treff

Here are more photos from Stefans and Michaels Land Rover Hangout in Liebenburg / Germany.

Some more photos of the hangout from Stefan and Michael.

Land Rover Treffen von Stefan und Michael
01.10.2017 Yesterday was the day: Stefan (www.e-landy.de) and me (www.der-land-rover-treff.de) could welcome the guests of our common Land Rover Meeting in Liebenburg (Germany).